I feel like I should start this blog post being all “IM SO SORRY!” what with the whole not posting. Only, I’m not all that sorry because I haven’t had anything to write.

Not in the “I’ve fallen into a big dark hole of awfulness” kind of way but in a “I really like my life lately and I’ve been sort of living it” way.

A Total Waste of Heels was born of a lack of creative outlet for me and Miss K. And when Miss K got a job in Marketing, she was all “Peace OUT!” and I trudged through on my own because I still needed it. And up until the last several month, I really did need it.

I needed a place to say what I was thinking but couldn’t express. A place to be passive aggressive and attempt to be funny.

Only, lately… I’m not as mad and as stifled as I used to be. I get to be creative at work. My time with Manfriend is amazing and holy shit I’m like 100 days away from our wedding. I have friends that I spend a ton of time with and a Dog that I have full blown arguments with until I remember shes a dog and she isn’t making any kind of valid points and thus I WIN.

I’m sorry I’ve disappointed some of you.

Maybe I’ll blog more in the future. I don’t really know. But right now, I’m really enjoying my life and I suck at documenting my own happiness.

Which is totally something I should talk to a therapist about. OR I could, you know, just keep enjoying shit…

I love the bejeebus out of you people who spent time here and thought I wasn’t just another crazed jerk on the internet and I still read your blogs cause they are hilarious and messed up and awesome and I’m 100% sure that the internet will get by without me.



AKA Lady B

AKA your real mom.