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Catwoman has got nothing on me. Except a sweet outfit and killer body.

I’m the kind of person that like to hold on to the kind of emotional crap that there is really no point in holding on to. Metaphorically. And now, it seems, also, literally. You see, it has recently come to… Continue Reading →

Sometimes shit is the worst. And sometimes, It’s the best. – direct quote from Dickens.

For the past several months I’ve been trying to live up to the idea that things will work out. That if I just get out my own way, something will fall into place because my previous approach of jamming everything… Continue Reading →

My *ahem* lady bits have an arch nemesis. Which is pretty badass, if you ask me.

It’s going to get all kinds of graphic up in here, so grandpa, if you could skip this post, that would be great. Basically, if you’re not comfortable with getting REALLY intimate with my life, you may want to skip… Continue Reading →

I like to reward myself for doing grown up stuff by drinking. Because #balance bitches.

I had another one of those days where being an adult punched me in the face and was all “SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS!” Which I assume is how people with children wake up everyday just all “Oh. Fuck. We made a human… Continue Reading →

Happiness is a Learned Skill. Like Twerking. Or Italian.

I know I said I wasn’t going to get all full of inspirational crap on you guys. But I am a liar. I feel like I covered that a few times on this blog. I think.   If not, please… Continue Reading →

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