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They have rabies vaccines for people right? Just checking…

The other night I was woken up by some scrambling noises and what can only be described as the screech of a thousand angry Beiber fans, but was likely just the fierce rage of some sort of rodent. Given it’s… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas and thank you for the Fire.

For the first time in my entire life, I managed to send out Christmas cards. Mind you it was like… seven cards because I don’t know anyone’s address and having to ask someone for their address seems like it no… Continue Reading →

Lets get back in to the swing of things shall we?

I haven’t written anything for my self in a while. In fact…. about six months… maybe a year? It wasn’t a conscious decision, but it wasn’t a bad change either. Gave me a chance to engage in the real world,… Continue Reading →

On being an adult – a post in which I mention balls, knife fights and caulking, proving that I have no business being an adult

It’s happened. That moment every 20 something thinks is a lifetime away. I realized that I am basically making eye contact with 30. Like, aggressive, across a crowded bar eye contact. Theres still a bunch of shit between you but… Continue Reading →

Activities – because apparently sitting on your couch all day is weird and unhealthy

You know one of those stereotypes about depression is not doing stuff you like? I totally did that. And you know how they tell you that physical activity and yoga are good for combatting depression? Sooooo…. that may have been… Continue Reading →

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